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Annual Kant Bibliographies: Information  [2010]

A searchable database of philosophy literature using keywords that allows for quick thematic searches can be found at PhilPapers.org, with a re-formatted version, based on the same database but devoted just to Kant literature, at KantPapers.org. The list of journals and databases being compiled here is quite staggering, although a number of publications invariably still slip through the cracks, especially non-English language texts.

[For want of time, these official NAKS annual bibliographies were discontinued after 2018.]

The goal of these annual bibliographies, prepared on behalf of the North American Kant Society, is to include all published English-language texts (and other European language texts, when available) that concern Kant and his writings, including new critical editions and translations of his writings (a separate list of “Kant in translation” is found here).

 • Target texts: single-author books, anthologies (with separate entries for their articles), journal articles, book reviews, and doctoral dissertations/master’s theses. One recent blogsite (“Critique”, edited by Dennis Schulting) is also included, given its focus on Kant.

 • New editions are omitted unless a significant addition or revision warrants a new entry.

 • Organization: All the texts are arranged into a single alphabetical list, except that Kant’s own writings are listed at the beginning, and doctoral dissertations and master’s theses are collected together at the end.

 • Abstracts of articles (and dissertations/theses) when available are included in a drop-down note.

 • Collections of essays devoted to Kant have their contents listed with the book's entry, and a separate entry is also made for each essay, when possible. Anthologies with only occasional essays on Kant are generally listed simply by the relevant essay. Occasionally monographs are listed when one or more chapters seem to offer relevant work on Kant — here the chapter is noted with the book's entry.

 • “??” indicates missing information (such as the name of a dissertation advisor. “??" following a page number indicates that the likely end-page of an article has not yet been checked with a physical copy of the book or journal.

 • Citation-Source: Beginning with 2011, the source for the citation is given for each entry (a key to the sources is at the bottom of each bibliography page).

I attempt to include all relevant items in the Kant-specific journals listed below. Following these is a longer list of journals, with links to their archives, when available. Finally, I consult a set of databases: Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, MUSE, PhilIndex, Philosophy Documentation Center, ProQuest, WorldCat, and certain publisher's websites (CambridgeCore, DeGruyter, WileyOnline).

An exhaustive bibliography of current Kant literature is prepared by the Kant-Bibliography staff at the Mainz Kant-Forschungsstelle at Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität. Those annual bibliographies are published about two years after the year being catalogued.

The annual bibliographies presented here are not meant to duplicate or replace the efforts at Mainz; the former are less ambitious in scope and with different goals: to make available online a “working bibliography” during the preparation of the final version, and to provide additional notes (primarily abstracts) and linked information (such as links to the text itself or to reviews, when such is available online).

Kant-specific Journals

Contemporary Studies in Kantian Philosophy (CSKP) [cckp]

Chief-editor: Robert Hannah.

Frequency (vol. 1: 2016) Online journal begun in 2016, its 3rd and final volume will be available in June 2018, after which the journal will be named Borderless Philosophy.

Con-Textos Kantianos (CTK) [con-textoskantianos.net]

Chief-editor: Roberto Rodríques Aramayo (Madrid).

Frequency (vol. 1: 2014) Online semi-annual journal publishing in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, and English.

Critique [virtualcritique.wordpress.com]

Chief-editor: Dennis Schulting.

Frequency (from 2013, occasional) A non-peer-reviewed online journal; all articles (often book symposia with author-responses) are solicited and approved by the board.

Estudos Kantianos [marilia.unesp.br]

Chief-editor: Ubirajara Rancan de Azevedo Marques (Marília, Brazil).

Frequency: (vol. 1.1: 2013) Online semi-annual journal (May/November), publishing in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, and Engish.

Kant e-Prints [cle.unicamp.br]

Chief-editor: Daniel Omar Perez (Sao Paulo, Brazil).

Frequency: (vol. 1.1: June 2002) Online journal, three issues per year; published by the Brazilian Kant Society (vol. 1.1/Jun 2002); currently in its 2nd series (vol. 1.1: Jan-Jun 2006).

Kant-Studien [degruyter.com]

Editors: Manfred Baum (Wuppertal), Bernd Dörflinger (Trier), Heiner F. Klemme (Halle).

Frequency: (vol. 1: 1896) Quarterly journal published by the Kant-Gesellschaft (Germany).

Kant Studies Online (KSO) [kantstudiesonline.net]

Editor: Don Milligan (Manchester, UK)

Frequency: Online; founded by Gary Banham in 2011. Most recent articles were posted in 2016.

Kant Yearbook [degruyter.com]

Chief-editor: Dietmar Heidemann (Luxembourg)

Frequency: (vol. 1: 2009). Annual volumes are thematic: teleology (2009), metaphysics (2010), anthropology (2011), etc.

Kantian Review [uwp.co.uk]

Editors: Howard Williams (Aberystwyth University, UK), Graham Bird (University of Manchester, UK), and Professor Richard Aquila (University of Tennessee, USA)

Frequency: (vol. 1: 1998) Initially one volume and issue per year (1997-2004), later three issues per year (2011-16); since 2017, four issues per year. Published by the U.K. Kant Society.

Kantovskij Sbornik / Кантовский сборник [kant-online]

Chief-editor: Leonard Kalinnikov (Kaliningrad)

Frequency: (vol. 1: 1975) Begun in 1975 as an annual volume of conference proceedings and given the current name in 1981, it began semi-annual publication in 2008 and quarterly since 2010 (see).

Nihon Kant Kenkyu []

[This is a Japanese journal devoted to Kant studies, but which I have not included in my annual bibliographies for lack of access; they are included, however, in the Mainzer Kant-Forschungsstelle bibliographies, as published in Kant-Studien]

Revista de Estudios Kantianos [ojs.uv.es/]

Editors: Pedro Jesús Teruel (Valéncia, Spain) and Hernán Pringe (Santiago, Chile).

Frequency: (vol. 1: 2016) Two issues per year; published by the Sociedad de Estudios Kantianos en Lengua Española (SEKLE).

Studi Kantiani [libraweb.net]

Chief-editor: Claudio La Rocca (Pisa/Rome)

Frequency: (vol. 1/1990) Annual journal.

Studia Kantiana [sociedadekant.org]

Chief-editor: Joel Klein (Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil).

Frequency: (vol. 1/1998) Online journal, currently three issues per year; published by the Sociedade Kant Brasileira.

Studia Philosophica Kantiana [unipo.sk]

Chief-editor: Ľubomír Belás (Prešova, Slovakia).

Frequency: (vol. 1.1: 2012) Online journal, two issues per year.

Other Journals/Websites

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie (Berlin) [De Gruyter]

Description: Quarterly.

British Journal of Aesthetics [Oxford]

Description: (v1: 1960) Quarterly.

British Journal for the History of Philosophy (London) [Taylor & Francis]

Description: Bi-monthly.

Cadernos de Filosofia Alemã: Crítica e Modernidade [Uni. São Paulo]

Description: Bi-annual, quarterly since 2017.

Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie (Jena) [De Gruyter]

Description: Bi-monthly.

Editors: Christoph Demmerling (Jena), Andrea Marlen Esser (Jena), Hans-Peter Krüger (Potsdam), and Christoph Menke (Frankfurt/Main).

Diametros: An Online Journal of Philosophy [Jagiellonian University (Krakow)]

Description: (v1: 2004).

Editor-in-Chief: Włodzimierz Galewicz.

Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review / Revue canadienne de philosophie [Cambridge]

Description: (v1: 1963) Quarterly.

Editors: Susan Dimock and Luc Langlois.

Ergo [Univ. Michigan]

Description: (v1: 2014).

ethic@ [website]

Description: 3 issues/year; online journal (Florianópolis, SC, Brasil).

Ethics [Chicago]

Description: Quarterly.

Editor: Henry S. Richardson (Georgetown).

European Journal of Philosophy (London) [Wiley]

Description: (v1: 1993) Quarterly.

Felsefe Ve Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi [Jounral of Philosophy and Social Science][Isparta, Turkey]

Description: (v1: 2006) Online semi-annual journal.

Editor-in-Chief: Işıl Bayar Bravo.

Hegel Bulletin [Cambridge]

Description: (v1: 1980) Three issues per year. Previously, the Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain (1980-2012).

Editors: Christoph Schuringa and Alison Stone.

History of Philosophy Quarterly (Univ. Illinois) [JSTOR]

Description: (v1: 1984) Quarterly.

Editor: Aaron Garrett.

Ideas y Valores [Natl. Univ. of Columbia]

Description: Quarterly (full-text online).

Journal of the History of Philosophy (Baltimore) [Johns-Hopkins/MUSE]

Description: (v1: 1963) Quarterly.

Chief-editor: Jack Zupko.

Journal of Moral Philosophy [Brill]

Description: Bi-monthly.

Journal of Nietzsche Studies [Penn State/MUSE]

Description: text.

Journal of Philosophy [Philosophy Doct. Center]

Description: text.

Journal of Social Philosophy [Wiley]

Description: (v1: 1970) Quarterly.

Journal of Value Inquiry [Springer]

Description: Quarterly.

Mind [Oxford]

Description: Quarterly.

Notre Dame Philosophical Review (NDPR) [Notre Dame]

Description: Online journal devoted to solicited book reviews (since January 2002).

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Gary Gutting and Anastasia Friel Gutting.

Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion [(not indexed)]

Description: Annual.

Philosophers’ Imprint [Univ. Michigan]

Description: (v1: 2001) Full-text online.

Editors: J. David Velleman, Stephen Darwall.

Philosophia [Springer]

Description: Philosophical quarterly of Israel.

Philosophica (Lisbon) [Weebly]

Description: Bi-annual.

Philosophical Forum (New York) [Wiley]

Description: Quarterly (some combined issues).

Philosophical Quarterly [Oxford U.P.]

Description: (v1: 1950) Quarterly (St. Andrews).

Chief editor: Jessica Brown.

Philosophical Readings [Venezia]

Description: (v1: 2009) Online peer-reviewed journal; three issues per year.

Editor: Marco Sgarbi.

Philosophical Review [Duke]

Description: Quarterly.

Philosophical Topics [Arkansas/MUSE]

Description: Semi-annual.

Philosophy [Cambridge]

Description: (v1: 1926) Quarterly; The Royal Institute of Philosophy.

Editor: Anthony O’Hear.

Philosophy Compass [Wiley]

Description: Monthly.

Ratio Juris [Wiley]

Description: Quarterly.

Revista de filosofie (Bucarest) [Academiei Române]

Description: text.

Rivista di Filosofia (Bologna) [publisher]

Description: text.

Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia (Lisbon) [JSTOR]

Description: Quarterly.

Social Theory and Practice [Philosophy Doct. Center]

Description: Quarterly.

Southern Journal of Philosophy [Wiley]

Description: Quarterly, with supplements.

Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A [Elsevier/ScienceDirect]

Description: text.

Synthese [Springer]

Description: Monthly.

Tijdschrift voor Filosofie (Leuven) [publisher]

Description: (v1: 1939) Quarterly; publishes in Dutch, English, French, German, and South African Dutch, all with an English abstract.

Chief-editor: R. Breeur.

Trans/Form/Ação (Marília, São Paulo) [Univ. Estad. Paulista]

Description: Quarterly; online full-text.

Editors: Marlon Aramor and Andrey Ivanov.

Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung (Frankfurt am Main) [JSTOR]

Description: (v1: 1946) Quarterly.

Editors: Gerhard Ernst and Christoff Rapp.