The Fourth Horseman
    Instructor:  David P. Kreps, Ph.D.
                        Office: S 101
                        Phone: 5310
                        P.O. Box 151
                        Office Hours (posted outside S 101)

Texts: McNeill, William H., Plagues and Peoples, 1976, Preface Copyright 1998
            Wills, Christopher, Yellow Fever Black Goddess: The Coevolution of People and Plagues, 1996
            First-Year Colloquium Handbook
            Hacker, Diana, A writer=s Reference, 3rd Ed.

Other Materials: Book and articles will be on reserve in the library and will be used for
            assigned reading..

Course Grading: Your grade for the course will be based on the following criteria.
            3 one hour exams at @100              300 points
            Quizzes and short-writes                100 points
            Research project
                Oral Presentation                         50 points
                Paper                                           50 points
            Time-Line                                        25 points

Class Expectations:
Class Attendance-You will be expected to attend class regularly. Students find it difficult to follow what is happening when they develop a habit of skipping classes plus a number of special activities will be conducted in class in which you will be expected to participate. These activities include pop quizzes, short-writes, and class discussion.

Preparation for Class-Reading assignments are to be completed before class because each day I will have some class discussion over assigned reading in the text or from articles held on reserve in the library. Some assignments will include web sites on the Internet. If you have questions over the readings or other materials assigned to you, please contact me by coming to my office or by e-mail.

Plagiarism- I expect the written work that you hand in to be your own. If you do use material directly from books, journals, newspapers or from the Internet, you are to give proper credit for these sources. Failure to site sources is considered to be an act of plagiarism and will dealt with as described in the Spartan-Q.

Guest Speakers and Videos-I will be using several videos in class and I have also invited guest presenters to help us with some of the class topics. You are expected to take notes during the viewing of the videos and during the guest lectures because the material will be covered in class discussions and during quizzes and tests.

Exam and Quiz Policy - Dates of exams are listed on the Class Calender included in this syllabus. You are expected to be present and on time for scheduled exams. If you should miss a quiz (quizzes are unscheduled) and you have an excused absence, you will not be asked to make it up. In such cases, a grade will be given for excused quizzes at the end of the semester; with the grade being based on the average scores on the quizzes that you did take.

  IDIV 121G
The Fourth Horseman

Schedule of Topics
Aug. 30-            30th    How Hollywood looks at disease
Sept. 1                 1       Examples of human plagues
                                     Starting to work on plague time-lines

September 4-8              A quick introduction to using the library
                                     Plagues and Peoples-A look at the Preface and Introduction
                                     Plagues and Peoples- Man the Hunter
                                     Construction of plague time-lines

11-15                   Plagues and Peoples-Breakthrough to History
                                     Yellow Fever/Black Goddess - Anatomy of Plagues
                                     A plague in Athens - Thucydides on the Peloponnesian War and plague

18-22                   Yellow Fever/Black Goddess- Penumbra of Bacteria and Worst of Times
                                    An introduction to the library resources - Clark Computer Center (25th)
                                    Choosing your research topics
                            Camp Mack (20th)

25-29                           Casting blame for disease - articles on reserve
                                    Leprosy- An introduction - articles on reserve
                                    Responses to leprosy

October 2-6                 Bubonic plague - video and Internet
                                    First Examination

9-13                             Cholera - Yellow Fever/Black Goddess

16-20                           Cholera - Yellow Fever/Black Goddess
                                    India: historic focal point for epidemics - Jim Bishop

23-27                           Fall Break on the 23rd
                                    Tuberculosis and the industrial revolution - Katherine Tinsley

October-31                  Syphilis - Yellow Fever/Black Goddess
November 3                Origins of syphilis
                                    Second Examination

November 6-10           Small pox - Yellow Fever/Black Goddess
                                   Indian myth - reserve copy
                                    Yellow fever and other hemorrhagic fevers - Yellow Fever/Black Goddess

13-17                          Malaria - Yellow Fever/Black Goddess
                                    Influenza epidemic of 1918 - Katherine Tinsley and video

20-24                                             Thanksgiving Recess

November 27-             Emerging Diseases - Medical Doctor (?)
December 1          Oral presentations

4-8                       Remaining oral presentations
                                    Course wrap-up
                                    Individual research papers are due

11-14                                                             Final Exams

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History of Diseases

Bubonic Plague
    The Decameron
    Who is Boccaccio and what is the Decameron?

    History of Leprosy
    Correctly Diagnosing Skeletal Remains
    Biblical References

    Armadillos: Do They Carry Mycobacterium leprae?
       Initial Evidence
        Gulf South Research Institute
        Summary of the Evidence

Germ Theory of Disease
    Louis Pasteur
    Robert Koch


Questions Over Smallpox Presentations

Questions Over Final Research Projects

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