Questions For the Final
            What is smallpox? (Beyer, Blackburn, Campbell, Doellman, Kreps)
                1. What are the two major forms of the disease and how do they differ?
                2. What is the evidence that this is an ancient disease?
                3. The disease starts out with a fever and a rash which later develops into masses of pustules over
                    most of the body.  What is the cause of death (up to 95%) in those who were infected?

              Smallpox and the American Holocaust (Glunt, Harlin, Heater, Hoffman, Kreps)
                1. Which of the two major forms of the smallpox virus were present of the blankets reported to have
                    been given to Indians by the British?  Why was this done?
                2. Why would smallpox be considered a "plague" to the Indians of the New World but not to the Spaniards
                    of the same period?
                3. Why is the term "holocaust" used to describe smallpox in the New World?

              Vaccination Against Smallpox ( Magley, Matthews, Minniear, Poppe, Sample, Kreps)
                1.  Describe the differences between variolation and vaccination.
                2.  Describe Edward Jenner's role in the "discovery" of smallpox vaccination.
                3. Who was the person responsible for the introduction of "variolation" into England and how did she
                    persuade people to accept this type of immunization?

              Eradication of Smallpox ( Sanders, South, Tilghman, Weldon, Wilson, Kreps)
                1. What inventions or developments helped to make mass vaccinations possible?
                2. Name one of the methods used by the World Health Organization in their attempt to free the world
                    from the ravages of smallpox.
                3. Where does the smallpox virus exist today?