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Philosophy Faculty at Königsberg (18th Century)

The following graph includes all full and associate professors (with darker and lighter shades of the same color, and with light gray for those years when they were lecturers or Privatdozenten), and some of the longer-lasting lecturers (light gray).  Many of these professors also held a chair in another faculty (usually theology); this information is available in their individual biographies (two professors depicted here — Salthenius and Starck — briefly held chairs in philosophy, but then gave them up for chairs in theology).  Similarly, Mangelsdorff added the poetry chair to his assignments in 1784, retaining his history/rhetoric chair as well.  A few individuals who held an appointment for only a brief period, and who appear not to have actually given any lectures, have been omitted, although they are retained on the list of philosophy faculty.  Also, the temporary associate professorships held by Neufeldt [bio], Casseburg [bio], and Deutsch [bio] were omitted. 

Two individuals with undesignated associate professorships are also listed: Pörschke primarily gave public lectures on Greek texts (beginning in 1794), and so I list his professorship as such.  Wlochatius is shown with an associate professorship in Logic and Metaphysics; his first public lecture was on metaphysics, and after that always on logic.

KEY: Logic/Metaph. Practical Phil. Math Physics Poetry Rhetoric/History Greek Oriental (other) (Theology)
Assoc. Prof.→ Lecturer

J. Boese J. J. Rohde Martin Knutzen Immanuel Kant
1702 '13 1720 33 1734 1755 1770
Rabe Johann David Kypke August Wilhelm Wlochatius
1685 1703 '23 '25 1727 1769 1795
J. E. Segers Rogall Friedrich Johann Buck
1703 1725 1743 1753 1759 1770
H. Oelmann D. Salthenius Daniel Weymann
1704 1715 '29 1732 1759
Georg Thegen D. H. Arnoldt
1679 1729 1735
Johann Adam Gregorovius Christian Kraus
1717 1728 1781
David Blaesing G. H. Rast Karl Andreas Christiani J. F. Gensichen
1690 1719 1735 1749 1790 1795
Christoph Langhansen Johann Schultz
'16 1719 1775 1786
K. G. Marquardt Watson
1722 1730 '53 '56
Heinrich v. Sanden K. H. Rappolt Carl Daniel Reusch
1704 1731 1763 1772
C. G. Fischer Johann Gottfried Teske
1711 1715 '26 1729
Johann Georg Bock
J. V. Pietsch C. C. Flottwell
1718 1735 1743
Thomas Burckhard Johann Lindner Kreutzfeld
1715 1750 1765 1777
J. S. Strimesius J. B. Hahn, Jr. K. E. A. Mangelsdorff
1710 1744 1749-78 '82 1784
Coelestin Kowalewski
1729 1735
J. Arnd J. F. Danovius Jakob Friedrich Werner
1721 1736 1755
Christian Heinrich Gütther
1722 1752
M. Gehrke Friedrich Samuel Bock S. G. Wald
1705 1716 1743 1753 1787
Johann Behm K. L. Pörschke
1712 1717 1721 1787 94
Johann Bernhard Hahn, Sr. Starck Diederichs F. T. Rink
1709 1715 1770 1774 '80 1794
Weger J. H. Lysius Georg David Kypke Koehler J. G. Hasse
1679 1726 1736 1746 1755 1781 1787
J. J. Rau
Andreas Halter