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Medical Faculty at Königsberg (18th Century)

Goldbeck offers the following description of the medical faculty, which in his day consisted of three full professors (Bohl, Orlovius, and Metzger) and one assistant professor (K. G. Hagen):

“The first is professor of anatomy, the second is professor of botany, and the third is professor of chemistry.  The professor of anatomy must, apart from giving theoretical lectures on this part of medicine, also give practical lectures in which the students study dissection, as well as give public demonstrations with human bodies or with animals (other than dogs).  [...] The professor of botany, at least once each month in the summer, is to lead the students through the botanical garden, and at least twice during the summer take them out to the countryside.” [1782, 73, 76] 

Key: Assoc./Adjunct Prof. 5th Full Prof. 4th Full Prof. 3rd Full Prof. 2nd Full Prof. 1st Full Prof.
Georg Rast Johann Christoph Bohl C. F. Elsner
'82 1707 1711 1741 1766 '85 1788
Georg Emmerich (1672-1727) Christoph Gottlieb Büttner Johann Daniel Metzger
1693 1713 1734 1738 1741 1748 1766 1777 '85 1788
Johann Georg Goltz (?-1720) Gottfried Thiesen Karl Gottfried Hagen
1691 1711 1730 1741 1748 1766 1775 1788
Heinrich v. Sanden Andreas Johann Orlovius
1697 1761 1766 1776 '85
B. Ewald (1674-1719) H.R. Weger (1696-?)
1705 1721
Melchior Philipp Hartmann
1714 1718 1728
Christian Ludwig Charisius
1717 1720 1728
J. F. Starcke (?-1723) M. E. Boretius Kesselring
1705 1724 1728 1738
Christoph Daniel Meltzer
1722 1728 1741