PHYS 301 Electricity and Magnetism

Fall Semester 2017

Dr. Gregory W. Clark
Department of Physics
Office: SCIC112, Phone: 982 - 5071

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Laboratory Information            Things to know for exam 1            Things to know for exam 2

Useful E&M Links

Homework assignments: 

* HW 6 [Due: F, 22 Sept 2017]

* HW 5 [Due: T, 19 Sept 2017]

* HW 4 [Due: F, 15 Sept 2017]

* HW 3 [Due: T, 12 Sept 2017]

* HW 2 [Due: F, 8 Sept 2017]

* HW 1 [Due: T, 5 Sept 2017] :

Additional resources:

PPT Slides   Class use of electronic devices

Errata (corrections) to the textbook:    Griffiths Errata ED4a    Griffiths Errata ED4b

VectorFieldPlots in 3D

General Physics Homework Checklist

General Physics I Knowsheet            General Physics II Knowsheet

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