PHYS 301 - Electricity and Magnetism

Course policy on the use of electronic devices during class meetings:

As in my other courses, the use of mobile phones during class meetings is forbidden, unless we are using them as part of a group or whole-class exercise. Mobile phones may not be used as calculators on any quizzes or examinations.

You are welcome to use a computer for taking class notes, but not for any other purpose during class meetings. If you take note with your computer during class, please email a copy of your notes at the end of that class meeting before you leave the class room. Use the following filename for your document: PHYS301CNxxx.mmddyy.docx, where xxx = your initials, mmddyy = the month/day/year of the class meeting, and docx = MS Word file extension (I prefer that your notes be sent to me in this format). For some device based apps/programs, you may need to produce screen shots that are then pasted into a MS Word document.

Disregaring this policy will result in a 50% reduction in homework scores for the next assignment due; continued abuse of the policy will result in homework no longer being accepted.

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