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The Process


In order to save the geologists, you and your team will need to complete four training activities.

Before your team begins training...

The first step in your training is to assign each member in your geologist team a role.  Read the description of the roles below and choose your role.

Geologist Team Leader

Data Recorder

Clue Collector

Your job is to lead your group through the WebQuest.  You must read the description of the activities to your other group members.  Also, you need to print off the worksheets or graphic organizer for the recorder. 

Your job is to record information you and your team members find in the WebQuest by using the worksheets that the Team Leader printed out for you for each activity.

Your job is to write down (or collect) all of the clues you receive every time you complete an activity.  You will keep these clues until you and your team have completed all of the activities.




Training Activity 1

Once you have chosen your role, print out and have the Data Recorder read the questions on the Brain Pop worksheet The Data Recorder will write down the team’s answers while watching the Brain Pop video.  Once you have done this begin viewing the Brain Pop Video about the rock cycle, click "Play the Movie" to start.  If the Data Recorder needs time to write facts down while watching the video, click the pause button in the lower right hand side of the screen. 

When you are finished viewing the video, you may watch it again to check your work by clicking "Play the Movie Again."  Do not click on "Play the Quiz Again."  That will come later.

Turn in your worksheet to your teacher to receive your first clue (Keep the clue in your Science folder).



Training Activity 2

After completing the Brain Pop worksheet, go to the Bite Size Revision website and click on each type of rock (sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic) to learn more about them.  Before you begin looking at the website, your team will need to print off Bite Size Revision worksheet.  While you are looking at the information about each type of rock, your team will need to complete this worksheet. 

This activity is a key part of your geologist training because geologists need a thorough knowledge of the three types of rocks in order to study the Earth better.  

Once you have completed the worksheet, turn it in to your teacher and receive your second clue to save the geologists!

(Keep the clue in your science folder.)




Training Activity 3

Now that your team understands what the different types of rocks are, you will need to go the Bite Size Revision website to learn about the rock cycle and how the different types of rocks are formed. 

After you have read the information on the website your team will need to print off and fill out the Rock Cycle definitions worksheet.

Once you have completed this worksheet, turn it into the teacher and receive your third clue!!!

(Keep the clue in your Science folder.)



Training Activity 4

Now that you are experts in the vocabulary of geologists, you will need to print out the Rock Cycle worksheet and fill the diagram of a rock cycle using the Cycles website.

 Once you have completed the rock cycle worksheet, turn it in to your teacher and get your fourth and final clue!!! 

(Keep the clue in your Science folder.)


Training Activity 5

Your team has one more task to complete before your geologist training is complete.  You will need to go the Brain Pop Video website, click on "Play the Movie."  After you have watched the movie, you will need to click on “Play the Quiz Again.”  Once you have clicked on the “Play the Quiz Again” button you and your team will need to work together to complete the quiz. 

When you have completed the quiz, see Certification to learn what to do next.




Now that you have completed your training you are officially junior geologists!!!  Print out your Certificate, print your name on it, sign it, and then take it to the teacher for their signature.



Next step...

Get out all of your clues from your Science folder.  Now that your team has all of the clues you will need to work together to figure out where the geologists are and save them before it is too late!


Find the missing Geologists

After you have studied your clues, and your team thinks they know where the geologists are, click on the button below that has the name of the place that you think they were taken.


            Statue of Liberty                 New Orleans                  Grand Canyon                   Mt. St. Helens


Once you have found and saved the geologists, click on Conclusion.