Corrective Reading

EDUC 301



Study of the informal and formal assessment of children's reading disabilities, uses and interpretation of standardized and teacher constructed tests, and an emphasis on remedial techniques.  Includes tutoring experience in diagnosis and correction.  Taken as part of the Elementary Methods Block.  Prerequisites:  EDUC 235; EDUC 340.


After completing the prerequisite literacy course, Educ 340, students enrolled in Corrective Reading are expected to have understanding of the stages of reading as well as ways to develop engaging lesson plans that incorporate the pre-reading, reading, and post-reading elements.  Students will have a struggling upper elementary or junior high school student that they will be responsible for tutoring a minimum of 15 hours throughout the semester.  Through this experience, the Corrective Reading student will develop skills in doing IRIs, Running Records, and creating lessons that focus on particular reading skills. 


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Before we begin to discuss assessment of reading and how to use the assessment to influence instruction, especially instruction for struggling readers, complete this Webquest by the due date on the course calendar.