Corrective Reading Course Assignments

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Kidspiration Activity

* Choose a children's book that you would like to use with the student you are tutoring

*  Create an activity to enhance a reading skill using the selected book.  For example, maybe you want to look at character development.  Or maybe you want to work on sequencing.  Think of one particular skill you want to work on with your student and create an activity that focuses on that skill using the children's book you selected

*  Using Kidspiration located under the education department software on lab computers, create a concept map for your activity.  You could do a character map as I have done for Shirley's Wonderful Baby, or you could create a blank one for the student to complete.  You could also use this to create a concept map for a writing activity you would like your student to do over the book.  The options are unlimited!  Use your imagination!

*  After you have created your concept map, save it as a pdf file.  Print it off and turn it in on the due date with a concise paragraph explaining how you will use the Kidspiration activity with the student you are tutoring as well as how you could use this software with your future students.

* You will need to put the paragraph and the concept map (both saved as pdf files) on your professional web site by the time your web site is due.





In groups of two or three, select one of the strategies outlined in the second half of our textbook.  Demonstrate using hands-on procedures to your classmates how the strategy looks in action!

                   Demonstrations must last at least 15 minutes and no longer than 20 minutes

                   Demonstrations must be hands-on for your classmates

                   Provide your classmates with a handout (no errors) that not only recaps the steps/concepts of the strategy, but provides a scenario of the strategy in action as well as an appropriate reason for using the strategy

                   All members of the group must have an equal part in the demonstration

                   Dress professionally

                   Have fun with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Enthusiasm is infectious!