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   The Process

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1. You will be placed in groups of 2 or 3.

2. Each member will be assigned one of the following roles.  If your group has three members, two people will be tree detectives.

3. Click on the name of your role and print off the page with instructions.

Tree Detective Your job is to find as many cool things about trees as you can!
Recorder Your job is to write down the information you group wants to remember.

4. Go to Pierre's website to watch a video about trees.  The Recorder should write the answers down in the "Clue Log" when your group finds them.

5.  You learned some more about trees.  Now you are going to learn how what a tree goes through during its lifetime. Click here to watch the life of a tree. 

6. After you finish watching "The Life of Tree".  Look through the section  "Majestic Trees in America".  Choose three fun facts and record them on your answer sheet.

7. Now you are going to find some trees to plant in your town.  When you click on this link, look through 10 different trees.  Then choose at least 4 trees that you think will be good for the town to plant.

8. You are almost finished!  This step is the most important step!  Your group needs to decide which tree you want to tell the town to plant.  Think about this carefully.  Think about everything you have learned while investigating different trees.  Write the name of the tree and at least 2 sentences telling the townspeople why you chose that tree.

9. Congratulations!  You are ready to move onto the conclusion.  Click on the conclusion button at the top.