The Making of the Modern Mind

Manchester University, January 2017 (IDIV 240)    Instructors: Greg Clark & Steve Naragon






The total cost should be approximately $3100.  This includes:

• All travel expenses, including local travel on the Tube/Bus (London) and Metro (Paris).

• All lodging (seven nights in London, six nights in Paris), and breakfast.

• Admission to museums and other course-related activities.

• All breakfasts, as well as two evening meals that we will have as a group, and a lunch while visiting Chartres.

This does not include:

• Food (other than breakfast and our two group evening meals).

• Souvenirs and other miscellaneous purchases.

• Tickets for evening performances (concerts, musicals, theater).  (Although there will be several opportunities for excellent concerts that are either free or very inexpensive.)

After-dinner crepes on the Left Bank.

A fruit stand around the corner from our hostel.

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