Travel Tips

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•  Tips from the US State Department for all who travel abroad: Travel.State.Gov.  Be sure to review their tips directed at students traveling abroad.

•  A set of documents prepared by the US Customs Office: Know before you go.

•  The Simple Dollar: Best Credit Cards for Students in 2015 [website].

Time Zones

London is near the prime meridian (GMT = Greenwich Mean Time), or 5 hours ahead of the eastern United States (EST = Eastern Standard Time).  So, when it’s noon in North Manchester, it’s 5 p.m. in London.  Paris is an hour earlier still (CET = Central European Time); noon in North Manchester is 6 p.m. in Paris.

Weather in January

London and Paris are about the same in January, with temperatures ranging from 34° to 46° with about one-half the days dry — the immediate implication here, sadly, is that the other half of the days are wet.

Tipping at Restaurants

Only at restaurants with servers, and then only if it isn't already included in the bill (check!).

Last update: 6 Nov 2012