Detective LaRue : Letters from the Investigation



Written & Illustrated by: Mark Teague


Level Intended: 2nd & 3rd grade


Website Created By: Jackie Gore






in this sequel, Ike La Rue is in trouble once again. this time, with Mrs. La Rue out of town (vacationing in France) he is left to prove his innocence all by himself. The Hibbins' cats are missing and there are a string of canary burglaries that the police department is busy with. Ike decides that he must take matters into his own paws to show everyone that he is innocent and to save his reputation by proving he had nothing to do with the cats' disappearance.



..about the author//



Mark Teague is the illustrator of more than 20 children's picture books, and has written many of them himself. when he moved from San Diego to new York City, his life changed. Teague claims that all of his illustrations start as notebooks filled with sketches scattered randomly on the pages and short phrases that he might use in the story. Although Mark had no formal training in writing, he is a huge success with his wild imagination and has earned a place in the hearts of young readers everywhere. mark, his wife, and their daughter live in Coxsackie, New York. Lily (his daughter) says that she loves to watch her dad paint pictures for his books.



>>materials needed!

-copy of Detective La Rue : Letters from the Investigation

-Computer with internet capability

-writing utensil



*Pre-reading Activities

-There is a rubric at the end of this page that you must print out. it can give you some direction on what you are going to be doing & how you will be assessed.


-Print off the KWL Chart. once you have printed off this chart, fill in the column with what you already know about detectives and investigations. after this, fill out the second column with what you would like to learn about. please leave the third column blank, you will fill this out later.


-Take the online animal footprints quiz to see if you can guess which animal's footprint they are showing you! Keep a tally on your KWL chart of how many you answered correctly on your first try. this activity will give you a preview of what you will be doing later on while you are reading and after you read the story.



-During reading activities-



 -Play the Pet Detective Game to see if you can be like la rue and help solve a case!


-Print and finish this word search with the animals and vocabulary that you have learned about earlier on in the pre-reading animal footprints quiz.





<after reading activities>

-fill in the column on your KWL chart of what you have learned.


-play this Animal Tracks Game to see if you can review and match the prints to the animals who made them. keep another tally on your KWL chart of how many prints you get correct on the first try.


-print the Animal Matching Coloring Page and color the animals the same color as the footprint that they make. make sure to turn this page in when you are finished with your KWL chart and rubric.



print out this Rubric when you're finished & ready to be assessed.