Dr. Gregory W. Clark
Department of Physics
Manchester University

gwclark@manchester.edu  260.982.5071



Fall Semester 2023

EXP101 D, EXP101 J - My Manchester Experience [EXP101.F23]

PHYS 111 College Physics I [Syllabus-PHYS111.F23]

PHYS 111 L College Physics I Laboratory

NASC209 Physical Geology [NASC209-PhysicalGeology.F23]


My research interests are diverse. I'm a materials scientist by training and have a high interest in nanotechnology and scanning probe microscopy, among other things. My current research is on quantitative high resolution electric force microscopy phase measurements and conductive polymer systems. I also am very interested in energy-related issues, electronics, climate change, physics pedagogy, the history/philosophy of science, cooperative learning, physical geology, and the physics of music. My January/spring 2021 sabbatical focused on translating a book on life in medieval Paris through the art of the period from French into English and working on writing a simliar book of my own on London.

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