Date                                                 Topic                                                                 Reading In Karp

Aug. 27-31                         An overview of cells                                                                 Ch. 1

Sept. 3-7                            Chemistry of the cell: Macromolecules                                     Ch. 2
                                            and enzymes

Sept. 10-14                        Thermodynamics of the cell                                                      Ch. 3

Sept. 17-21                        Cell membranes and transport regulation                                 Ch. 4
                                           (Camp Mack on Sep. 19)

Sept. 24-28                        Interactions between cells and their environments                    Ch. 7
                                          (First Examination)

Oct. 1-5                             Mitochondrial structure and function                                   Ch. 5

Oct. 8-12                           Cytoplasmic membrane systems                                            Ch. 8

Oct. 15-19                         Cytoskeleton and cell motility                                                 Ch. 9
                                            (Fall Break on the 19th)

Oct. 22-26                         Structure of the eukaryotic genome                                     Ch. 10
                                           (Fall Break on the 23rd)

Oct. 29-Nov. 2                  Gene transcription                                                                 Ch. 11
                                           (Second Examination)

Nov. 5-9                            The cell cycle                                                                          Ch. 14

Nov. 12-16                        Cell signaling                                                                          Ch. 15

Nov. 19-23                        THANKSGIVING RECESS

Nov. 26-30                        Cancer Reports                                                                     Ch. 16

Dec. 3-7                            Cancer Reports                                                                     Ch. 16

Dec. 11-14                        FINAL EXAMINATIONS

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