Bioethics (PHIL 235)

Manchester University, January 2018    Instructor: Steve Naragon


Welcome to these online materials for my January 2018 course on the “Bioethics” (PHIL 235, Manchester University).This course satisfies the Core-4PH general education requirements.

This course meets twice each day for 75 minute sessions (similar to a TR class during Fall and Spring Semester): 9:00-10:15 AM and 1:00-2:15 PM. We do that for the 15 days of Jan term and then we’re done.

Click on the links to the left for a general set of course objectives, for the course requirements, and for an explanation of the essay and discussion forum entries that will form the bulk of your writing for this course. A general reading and assignments schedule should keep you oriented through the term. (The two-page paper syllabus can be downloaded here.)

Read through these web pages carefully; they are your guide for this course; ignore them at your own peril! Students new to philosophy might also want to glance at the Philosophy FAQ. Students who are interested in studying more philosophy, but who are worried that it is “too impractical” (= won’t lead to a high-paying job) should definitely read this brief item.


Contacting Me

Click on my name (above) to reach my home page with contact information.

During January I’m pretty much always either in class with you, in my office (982-5041), or at home (982-6033), and am always happy to talk or meet with you. You can also send me an email.   [Questionnaire]

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