MP3s and WAVs

Steamroller Blues

You Gotta Move

T-Bone Shuffle

A Fool and his Trifle...

Blooz in Beflat

Pop Blues

Blues Stay Away From Me (mp3)

Moisture (WAV)

2minnyaztekz (WAV)

Walking on a Wire (WAV)

RT Bounce (WAV)

Beef Stint

Blue Bossa

Christmas Song (mandolin)

Shoot Dang

Headless Grange

Exile on 3rd St (WAV)

Soldier's Joy

Angeline the Baker

Blackberry Blossom

Las Pantuflas del Diablo


Secret Surf


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Leather Britches

Bill Cheatum

Whiskey Before Breakfast

East Tennessee Blues

Cold Frosty Morn

Red Haired Boy

Death Don't Have No Mercy

Fisher's Hornpipe acoustic

Fisher's Hornpipe electric

Christmas 1

Christmas 2

Schmidlap Bounce

Instrument photos