Manchester College Statement of Mission (the old one)

Manchester College is an independent, co-educational college in the liberal arts tradition, affiliated with the Church of the Brethren. It is committed to being a community of faith and learning. Manchester affirms the relevance of values to the search for knowledge and has a dual commitment to intellectual integrity and Christian faith, believing that sound scholarship and learning can strengthen both.

The College welcomes students of diverse interests and ages, as well as those of different ethnic, religious, and racial backgrounds. Within the constraints of financial responsibility, the educational program combines liberal education, career preparation, and education for service, while fostering a desire to improve the quality of life. Manchester College seeks to graduate people who possess ability and conviction, and who understand truth as it is perceived from scientific, moral, philosophical, and historical perspectives.

Within a long tradition of concern for peace and justice, Manchester College intends to develop an international consciousness, a respect for ethnic and cultural pluralism, and an appreciation for the infinite worth of every person. A central goal of the College community is to create an environment which nurtures a sense of self-identity, a strong personal faith, a dedication to the service of others, and an acceptance of the demands of responsible citizenship.