Adolescent Exceptional Learners

Educ 352


Fall 2005 Syllabus

The fall syllabus outlines course expectations for students enrolled in Educ 352.  As well as providing an overview, specific assignments are outlined as well.

WebQuest for Reading in the Content Areas and WebQuest checklist

In order to involve undergraduate students fully in the world of computer technology, this WebQuest is created for those students who will be teaching a content area, particularly those enrolled in Educ 352, Adolescent Exceptional Learners.  Anyone, however, can use this WebQuest in order to examine different ways to make content reading more successful for students.  This WebQuest requires the participant to investigate the stages of reading, the differences between good and poor readers, as well as to create a vocabulary exercise, investigate several content specific web sites, and to create a lesson plan and poster.