Philosophy of Religion (PHIL 330)

Manchester University, Spring 2017    Instructor: Steve Naragon


Welcome to these online materials for Philosophy of Religion (PHIL 330, Manchester University). This course meets Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 10:00-10:50 a.m. in Academic Center 354 to discuss such topics as the nature of religion and religious experience, faith and reason, the problem of evil, miracles, life and death, and how religious belief intersects with science and with our moral beliefs.

Each of us in this class comes with a distinct set of convictions regarding religion, and those convictions will shape the way we understand the texts we read and how we enter into the conversations. Some of us will approach the course more as interested bystanders, others as deeply committed participants in the world of religious belief and practice.

But none of us can be bystanders in our roles as students. The only commitment I insist on us all sharing is a commitment to seek the truth and a respect for all who seek the truth, wherever that may take any of us.

Click on the links to the left for the course objectives, the course requirements, and for an explanation of the essays that will form the bulk of your writing for this course. A general reading and assignments schedule should keep you oriented through the term.

Read through these web pages carefully; they are your guide for this course; ignore them at your own peril!  A brief set of print and online resources for your course are listed in the Resources link to the left.  Students new to philosophy might also want to glance at the Philosophy FAQ.  Students who are interested in studying more philosophy, but are worried that it is “too impractical” (= won't lead to a high-paying job) should definitely read this brief item.


Contacting Me

Click on my name (above) to reach my home page with contact information and a link for my Spring schedule for 2017.

I will try to keep the office hours indicated on the weekly schedule, but I’m happy to meet at other times as well; just see me before or after class to arrange something.  Otherwise, I am best reached by email or voice-mail left at my office (982-5041).   [Questionaire]

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