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Global Health Major at Manchester University.
Global Health Major in MU Academic Catalog.
Global Health Major Curriculum.
Global Health 4-Year Plan at Manchester University.

What's the difference between Global, International, and Public Health?
Towards a Common Definition of Global Health.
Brief wisdom on global health from Paul Farmer.
Global Health NOW is leading news site from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder.
Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor by Paul Farmer.
Comprehensive Rural Health Project in rural India.
Hesperian books (Where there is no Doctor, Where there is no Dentist, etc.) available as free pdf files.
Hesperian HealthWiki provides answers to health questions.
Where Women Have No Doctor is a comprehensive, free, health guide for women.
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman, provides a non-fiction account of how a Hmong family in California navigates culture and language divides within the modern U.S. medical system.
Community-led total sanitation empowers local people to improve their living conditions.

Ethics and Best Practice Guidelines for Training Experiences in Global Health by Crump et al.
Ethical Challenges in Short-Term Global Health Training.
Ethical Obligations Regarding Short-Term Global Health Clinical Experiences: An American College of Physicians Position Paper.
Short Term Global Health Experiences and Local Partnership Models: A Framework.
Beyond Medical “Missions” to Impact-Driven Short-Term Experiences in Global Health (STEGHs): Ethical Principles to Optimize Community Benefit and Learner Experience.
Short-Term Volunteer Health Trips: Aligning Host Community Preferences and Organizer Practices.
More Harm than Good? The Questionable Ethics of Medical Volunteering and International Student Placements.
Best Practices in Global Health Missions.
Hoping to Help: The Promises and Pitfalls of Global Health Volunteering by Judith N. Lasker.
When Healthcare Hurts by Greg Seager.
Pre-Departure Training and the Social Accountability of International Medical Electives.
The Global Healthcare Volunteer's Handbook: What you Need to Know Before You Go is a recommended book.
Foundations for Community Health Workers, 2nd Ed. by Timothy Berthold. Excellent resources for pre-departure training, especially Chapter 6 "Practicing Cultural Humility". Extensive instructor companion site.
Calling Bull on Service Trips and Voluntourism

Promoting Health Equity: A Resource to Help Communities Address Social Determinants of Health by the CDC.
Rural Health Information Hub provides lots of information about training Community Health Workers in rural U.S.
Tools and Resources from the CDC to enable community health workers.
Recruiting the Heart, Training the Mind describes community health worker successes in California.
Indiana Community Health Workers Association.
The Promotora model used in California.
Health promoters program in Massillon, Ohio.

"See and Treat" method for treating precancerous cervical lesions in Haiti, from USA Today.
Cerviscope is a low cost, portable colposcope, described here by the New York Times.
Simple treatment for iron deficiency with the Lucky Iron Fish described in this video.
World Health Organization guidelines for screening and treatment of precancerous lesions for cervical cancer prevention in resource poor settings.

Excellent resource on dental care for the underserved.
The Challenge of Oral Disease – A call for global action. The Oral Health Atlas. 2nd ed. is the best summary of worldwide oral health problems.
The Use of Salt Fluoridation to Prevent Dental Caries identifies adding fluoride to table salt as the most economical and practical fluoridation method.
The Dos and Don'ts of Silver Diamine Fluoride.
Silver Diamine Fluoride Guidelines in Special Needs Patients commentary by the American Dental Association.
The Use of Silver Diamine Fluoride for Dental Caries Management in Children and Adolescents, Including Those with Special Health Care Needs by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.
Silver Diamine by the Alliance for a Cavity Free Future.
Silver Diamine Fluoride Fact Sheet by the Association of State & Territorial Dental Directors.
Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment Considerations in Children's Caries Management Brief Communication and Commentary in Pediatric Dentistry.
Presentation on Silver Diamine Fluoride from the University of Florida.

Brief wisdom on global health from Paul Farmer.
Lest Best Intentions Become the Enemy of the Good by Gerald Schlabach.
To Hell with Good Intentions by Ivan Illich.
Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen, lays out freedom as the guiding principle for sustainable development.

Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is especially relevant.
The U.S. is the only country to have not ratified or acepted the Convention on the Rights of the Child (note article 24).
Introductory video to Paul Farmer's ideas.
Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace...One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.
Latin American Medical School (ELAM) is the world's largest medical school, free to the poor from underserved areas who commit to return to their impoverished communities all over the world. Ted Talk about ELAM.

"This is not about saving the world by going to some far off place. This is about saving the world by thinking about equity and about social justice in general." - Paul Farmer on global health

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Jeff Osborne    2 August 2018

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