The lists to the left (A-J and K-Z) comprise a complete index of all the biographies available here. These biographies are actually segregated into three lists:

(1) Königsberg: faculty teaching at Königsberg during the 18th century.

(2) Other Universities: faculty teaching at other universities, and some Gymnasia, that are in some way relevant to Kant (this is far from being exhaustive, and is more indicative of my own research paths as I’ve looked up individuals while learning about Kant; it is still under extensive development).

(3) Other Biographies: these are other individuals relevant to Kant and his lectures, but who are either non-faculty or else non-contemporaneous with Kant (most entries are either Kant’s students or various Kant scholars).

To save the user the trouble of consulting three separate indices of biographies, they are merged together here. The relevant list will be called up in this frame.