My Doctoral Work Meeting NETS





Teachers demonstrate a sound understanding of technology operations and concepts.  Teachers:

A.  demonstrate introductory knowledge, skills, and understanding of concepts related to technology.

B.  demonstrate continual growth in technology knowledge and skills to stay abreast of current and emerging technologies.


EDTEC 552 Final Project





This project demonstrates my ability to learn and develop products using Flash and Dreamweaver.  As a teacher, I must understand how to use different pieces of technology in order to implement them successfully in my classroom.  I have grown tremendously in  my knowledge-base through my EDTEC courses at Ball State University.  I am now using far more technology than I ever believed I would as a teacher.


Teachers plan and design effective learning environments and experiences supported by technology.  Teachers:

A.  design developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that apply technology-enhanced instructional strategies to support the diverse needs of learners.

B.  apply current research on teaching and learning with technology when planning learning environments and experiences.

C.  identify and locate technology resources and evaluate them for accuracy and suitability.

D.  plan for the management of technology resources within the context of learning activities.

E.  plan strategies to manage student learning in a technology-enhanced environment.

EDTEC 550 - Course Work





Several of the projects completed in EDTEC 550, such as the WebQuest as well as Software Evaluations demonstrate that I understand how technology can support student learning.  The WebQuest is designed for students enrolled in my EDUC 352 (Adolescent Exceptional Learners) course in order for them to examine various aspects of reading in the content area.  While participating in this examination, students are also seeing a model of a WebQuest that they may use in their own future high school classrooms.

EDTEC 670 Course Work

PowerPoint - The Power of Computers


Work done in EDTEC 670 required me to examine why teachers do or do not use technology in their classrooms.  It also required me to examine how teachers can use technology to engage learners, looking specifically at Seymour Papert's work.
Computer-based Concept Maps



This module examines types of concept maps and the benefits and problems of using such a type of instructional tool.  This project demonstrates my ability to create learning environments based on current technology research.


Teachers implement curriculum plans that include methods and strategies for applying technology to maximize student learning.  Teachers:

A.  facilitate technology-enhanced experiences that address content standards and student technology standards.

B.  use technology to support learner-centered strategies that address the diverse needs of students.

C.  apply technology to develop students' higher order skills and creativity.

D.  manage student learning activities in a technology-enhanced environment.

rGrade Assignment

rGrade Rubric



EDTEC 685 required me to create an standards-based assignment that was also linked to a rubric created using the program rGrade.  These two activities demonstrate my ability to link content standards to an assignment that incorporates technology.
WebQuest for Educ 352




Created for EDTEC 550, this WebQuest walks pre-service teachers through different aspects of reading in the content areas.  While this topic could have been covered in a variety of ways, the WebQuest puts students at the center of learning and asks them to use technology in order to develop higher levels of thinking.


Teachers apply technology to facilitate a variety of effective assessment and evaluation strategies.  Teachers:

A.  apply technology in assessing student learning of subject matter using a variety of assessment techniques.

B.  use technology resources to collect and analyze data, interpret results, and communicate findings to improve instructional practice and maximize student learning.

C.  apply multiple methods of evaluation to determine students' appropriate use of technology resources for learning, communication, and productivity.

EDTEC 685 Shared Resource Journal






During EDTEC 685, I have had to create a Shared Resource Journal that allows others to see my work and thoughts.  One of the links provides annotated links to useful web sites for educators.  Another aspect of the Shared Resource Journal contains two separate reviews of Technology as well as links to two of my classmates' reviews.  this course allowed me to meet standard 4 by requiring me to think in-depth about assessment and how educators (preK-16) use assessment and data from that assessment to influence instruction.
rGrade Assignment

rGrade Rubric


The rGrade assignment and rubric also demonstrates my ability to create a situation that will allow me to collect data on my students' performances
Taskstream Review

Blackboard Review

These technology reviews completed during EDTEC 685 demonstrate my understanding of different ways to assess students using technology.  Blackboard and Taskstream allow instructors to manage student learning and assess their learning in a variety of ways.


Teachers use technology to enhance their productivity and professional practice.  Teachers:

A.  use technology resources to engage in ongoing professional development and lifelong learning.

B.  continually evaluate and reflect on professional practice to make informed decisions regarding the use of technology in support of student learning.

C.  apply technology to increase productivity.

D.  use technology to communicate and collaborate with peers, parents, and the larger community in order to nurture student learning.

EDTEC 655 Course Work



The work completed in EDTEC 655 includes spreadsheets and databases, both of which enable teachers to be much more productive with their time.  Once a teacher has mastered spreadsheets and databases, she can save enormous amounts of time in the daily management of her students and courses.
EDTEC 685 - rGrade Course Development




The course I developed in rGrade allows me to organize the contents of an entire course.  In this case, I developed the course EDUC 352 - Adolescent Exceptional Learners.  Each assignment in the course is linked to standards and contains a rubric. Ultimately, this demonstrates my ability to use a program in such a way as to make me a much more productive teacher.


Teachers understand the social, ethical, legal, and human issues surrounding the use of technology in PK-12 schools and apply that understanding in practice.  Teachers:

A.  model and teach legal and ethical practice related to technology use.

B.  apply technology resources to enable and empower learners with diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and abilities.

C.  identify and use technology resources that affirm diversity.

D.  promote safe and healthy use of technology resources.

E.  facilitate equitable access to technology resources for all students.

NETS Assessment











Following a self-assessment completed on MyTarget, I wrote this self-assessment on my NETS skills.  Ultimately, I discovered that I am well on the way to becoming quite versed in Educational Technology.  This assessment examines each standard and indicates how I feel I am progressing in each area.  As I continue to integrate more technology into my courses, I will continue to improve in meeting the NETS for Teachers standards.